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Mission Statement

     The Parents’ Child Development Co-operative is an association of parents who, by belief or circumstance, desire daily care for their children outside their own homes. The primary concern is to provide an environment wherein our children will be safe, happy and free to enjoy the experience of learning and developing. To this end, we have established and continue to maintain a Child Care Centre commissioned to promote the physical, mental and social well being of our children.


     The Preschool Program began in 1975 and our School-age Program was started in 1979. In August, 2010 PCDC expanded and opened a second location in Brevoort Park School.

     Due to the closure of Bethel United Church on 5th Street East, we were able to secure space in St. Philip and St. Bernard School. On August 31st, 2011, we closed the 5th Street location and opened the doors to our new spaces on September 1, 2011 with full enrolment. All of our locations are governed by the same Board of Directors and follow the same philosophy and policies.

     All three of our locations provide licensed care for children ages 18 months to 5 years of age (including kindergarten care). At all three locations, we also offer unlicensed school age care for before and after school, non-school or common dismissal days, week breaks and the summer vacation.


The Day Care Centre

    Whatever the reason a child is placed in our care, the child’s well-being and personal growth are the essential concerns of our Centres. We endeavour to provide a secure, loving and comfortable environment wherein our children may realize the joy of experiencing life in varied ways, may develop and satisfy their natural curiosity and may learn to appreciate and respect the humanity of others. Accordingly, we are guided by the following precepts:


  • Encouragement of individuality, creativity and self-acceptance

        We encourage our children to develop and appreciate their individuality and to learn to express themselves widely and freely in accordance with their imagination and ability. Our programs, taken together, offer many opportunities for choice and for a child to be responsible to him/herself within the limits of his capabilities. There are opportunities for free play, solitude and for creative expressive activities. Activities at the Centre stress co-operation and personal achievement rather than competition. The staff attempts to enhance each child’s self-confidence and self-esteem and to set aside time each day for individual attention.


  • Provision for a variety of experiences

        We attempt to introduce our children to the diversity of normal human experience by providing a full and varied program.


     Further, we encourage the children to sample as many things (including food) as we can offer.


     Each day, time is set aside for the development of intellectual and problem-solving skills, for creative arts, for learning and the satisfaction of curiosity, for work - including storing toys and participation in food preparation and service, for recreational activities and group exercises, for unstructured play and for rest and solitude.


     On a regular basis, the children are taken to visit libraries, fire stations, farms, museums, stores, banks and other institutions. They may enjoy a parade or a circus or they may listen to an invited guest, such as a police officer, explain things of interest and importance. Such experiences are an invaluable part of our programs.


  • Encouragement of tolerance, open-mindedness and respect for others

        We encourage our children to appreciate and respect the diverse nature of humanity. We care for children of all races and colours, of all religions, of diverse nationalities; we care for children of diverse social and economic backgrounds and, in consultation with professionals and our staff, children with special needs. For these reasons, and because we believe tolerance and open-mindedness to be desirable, we discourage racial, sexual, national, physical or other harmful stereotyping. We encourage children to combine individual expression with an awareness of, and respect for, the needs and concerns of others. We thus attempt to promote their social growth - working with others, sharing and accepting the limits of group living. We emphasize co-operation more than competition.


  • Self-discipline and respect for the needs and concerns of others

         We attempt to resolve disagreements and encourage compliance with necessary rules by means of clarifying the situation, persuasion, distraction, separating or temporary loss of minor privileges. We encourage the children to become responsible for their own actions by using a system of logical consequences for the particular unacceptable behaviour. When needed, we seek professional advice with the consent of the parent.


  • Maximization of parental involvement

        Only if parents become and remain informed about the activities of the Centre (and establish a meaningful link between a child’s experiences at home and at the Centre), can we enhance the personal development of our children. Thus, we must understand and co-operate with the Centre, its rules and its staff. In particular, we should regularly discuss our children and their activities with the caregivers.


  • Maintenance of health and safety

        We endeavour to maintain facilities in which our children are secure from diseases and hazards. When children contract a serious and contagious or infectious disease, for their health and the health of the remainder of our children, they must be sent home. Where direct and immediate medical attention is required, we attempt to provide it in accordance with parental instructions.

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